Back-to-School Time! Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Transition

Back to school time is upon us. Whether your kids’ days were spent busy at camp or lounging on the couch, the transition from summer to school schedule can be jarring. The tips and tricks below should help everyone ease into the new schedule:

Talk – Whatever you do, don’t spring school on your kids the night before! A few weeks before school begins, starting talking it up. Walk your child through the likely daily schedule, emphasizing the things he or she particularly enjoys, from PE to art, music, library, science experiments, etc. Once you find out who your child’s teacher will be, seek out other kids from his or her class and have them over. Ride bikes to campus and take a peek through your child’s classroom windows. Get excited, together!

Sleep – Crazy schedules are part of summer’s charm, but as the first day of school approaches, you’ll want to reel things in a bit, beginning with your child’s sleep schedule. Sleep experts recommend between 10 and 13 hours a night for kids ages 3-5 and 9 to 11 hours for kids ages 6-13. Back that up from the time your child will need to rise for school and, beginning the week before school starts, slowly back your child’s bedtime up 10 minutes a night, waking him or her 10 minutes earlier each morning.

Shop – Not all kids love shopping for school clothes, but who doesn’t love picking out brand new supplies? From pointy new pencils and crayons to cool new backpacks, pencil boxes, and lunch bags, shopping for school supplies is a great way to get kids excited about heading back to the classroom. While you’re there, consider packing a bag for an organization like Kids in Need Foundation, that distributes new backpacks and school supplies to children in need.

Plan – Thinking through things like what your child will wear on the first few days of school and what they’d like to eat and for snack go a long way to ease back-to-school anxiety. Let your child choose a few outfits and lay them out so they’re ready and discuss the lunch menu for the first few days (cafeteria calendars can usually be downloaded from your school’s website).

Play – Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean the fun has to end! While the weather is still warm enough, continue some of your summer outdoor play after school – plan a playdate with a new pal from class, swim, hit the park, or take a Pokemon Go walk. After dinner activities are another fun way to keep the summer spirit alive. Consider starting a project now that will extend into the school year, like a family Brackitz building project, to offer some consistency.

Celebrate – The first day of school is a big deal! Plan something fun to celebrate, like a dinner out, special dessert at home, or small gift, like the Brackitz Inventor 28-piece Set, that proves that brain building can be fun!

Change can be tough, but with a bit of planning and lots of enthusiasm you can help ease your child’s way. Good luck!

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