Brackitz Beats Building Record

September 30 was a big day for Brackitz!

The  Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, Washington set out to beat Brackitz previous building record of 5,000 pieces at the Salt Lake City Maker Faire last spring. We thought for sure they could build a Brackitz structure with 6,000 pieces.

little girl playing with Brackitz

The building event was open to the public (with regular museum admission) from 11AM to 3PM on September 30. Each family was offered a bucket of 50 Brackitz to build and experiment with for as long as they’d like, and ultimately to build a structure that could be added to the Big Build.

Building fans big and small, young and young-at-heart, joined in our quest to create the biggest Brackitz build ever built. 

man and boy playing with Brackitz

Thanks to our unique plank and connector system, building with Brackitz is easy enough for everyone but clever enough to allow for all kinds of angles, twists, and turns.


And they did it! Not only did they beat our current Brackitz building record of 5,000 pieces, and exceed the goal of using 6,000 pieces, but they created a structure using 10,873 Brackitz planks and connectors. Yep, you read that right – more than twice as many as our last biggest build.

Man playing with Brackitz

They saw more than 1000 visitors throughout the day at the museum.  It took four hours to go up and four minutes to come down.

A few kids were really into “supervising” the placement of structures in the Big Build – offering creative suggestions for linking structures together, creating tall towers, and adding aesthetic touches like a Brackitz “flag” at the top of a tower.

boy playing with brackitz

Many thanks to our friends at the Imagination Children’s Museum in Everett, WA, a community resource that promotes the power of playful learning in a safe, engaging environment, for helping us rise to the occasion. 

Be on the lookout for a Brackitz building event near you. You never know – you just might help us beat this brand-new building record.


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