Welcome to the Team, Calvin!

Creative Heroes are all around us. We may encounter multiple on any given day. Maybe we don’t really even know their Creative Hero prowess. Or we may see Creative Heroes we know in the news, in movies, in history books… All over! And the beauty of a Creative Hero is that we get to learn from them. Whether past or present, we get to grow into our own Creative Hero shoes by combining the knowledge and experience of the Creative Heroes we know with our own set of creativity and skills.

At Brackitz, it’s our mission to help unleash creative powers. To play, learn, and grow. And as a part of our mission, we like to shed some light on Creative Heroes that we know and have made a difference in our own mission to become Creative Heroes ourselves. This is a weekly endeavor of ours. Thus far, we’ve talked about a few really cool Heroes like:

Any many more… But this week, no Creative Hero shines brighter than one of our very own. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce one of our newest ambassadors, Creative Hero Calvin!

Calvin Miller Intro

Brackitz a Household Hit!

A few weeks ago, we met Calvin through our Creative Hero Ambassadors program and it was clear right from the get-go that Calvin has the creative superpowers of legends! Within minutes of cracking open a brand new set of Brackitz toys, Calvin was flying to California with his little brother, Nolan.

Calvin Miller Flying Brackitz Toys

The model Calvin built in order to accomplish the journey in under 3 hours is something that loosely resembles the Gulfstream G650, albeit, with minor improvements - unlimited juice and non-stop Rescue Bots for entertainment.

Pretty impressive, we must say.


So what do you do when you land in California with your little brother in tow? Hunt down the bad guys of course! But what bad guys you ask? Well, we were told that upon arrival, Nolan (little brother) spotted a dragon getting dangerously close to a nice giraffe. Rest assured, all ends well when your G6 plane transforms into 2 zapper blasters (set to stun) to put that hungry dragon to sleep and get the friendly giraffe to safety.

Calvin Miller Playing


A Little Quiet for Mom & Dad

With all that creativity flowing between siblings, what’s to become of Mom and Dad? Mom reports that some much needed quiet time was had. Mom, we hope that continues for you ;)

Some More about Our Hero

  • Age: 5
  • School: Primrose Kindergarten in August
  • Siblings: 3 year old brother, Nolan
  • Interests: Loves the outdoors, hiking, soccer, and just learned how to ride his 2-wheeler this weekend! Like Nintendo (Mario Cart) and Rescue Bots
  • Favorite Movies: Frozen, Big Hero 6, Robin Hood, and Land Before Time
  • First played with Brackitz during daycare

Keep Inspiring, Calvin!

We’ve mentioned before that we like to shine the spotlight on a new Creative Hero every week. To-date, all of our heroes have been adults - people that have inspired our team in ways that help build our creative minds. But today marks a special day as we write an article about one of our Creative Hero Ambassadors, the true inspiration and passion behind our drive and company. We set out years ago to build a toy that was just a little different, a little better, a little more fun, and a little more creative than what existed at the time and Creative Heroes like Calvin put a smile on our faces.

Brackitz set built by Calvin Miller

Thank you, Calvin.

Stay tuned for more from Calvin and others including great how-to videos, impressive Brackitz builds, and more!

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