#Creative Hero- Milo Flake from This American Kid

IMG_7217Unlike most kids his age, seven year old, Milo Flake, hosts his own podcast!  Entitled This American Kid, Milo’s show is “a podcast for kids and kids at heart” and features interviews “that spark curiosity, and inspire you to follow your dreams.” Already in the show’s second season, recent guests have included an American Ninja Warrior, a product designer for Build-A-Bear Workshop, and most recently, Brackitz inventor, Chris Cochella.Listen to the podcast!

Since Brackitz are one of Milo’s favorite toys for creative play, he wanted to ask Chris some questions about Brackitz and about how kids can become inventors like Chris.  Chris revealed that he has always been an entrepreneur and inventor at heart, and that his favorite book as a child was The Little Engine that Could, because it emphasized perseverance.  He shared with Milo that an important part of becoming an inventor is gathering information from others at every step of the process, so that you can continue to make your product better.

Milo asked Chris why he invented Brackitz, and Chris explained that after attending a science fair with his son and learning about the importance of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), he created the toy to help teach children learning through play, specifically engineering skills.  Chris explained that he wanted to create a building and construction toy that allowed open-ended play, with easy to use pieces.  He goes on to share that toys like Brackitz can help improve spatial skills and math ability.  Milo says he loves to use his imagination, and that he is currently using his Brackitz to build an airplane.

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To learn more about Milo, including his recent award from the “Imagine If, With Jif” program, go to his website at ThisAmericanKid.com.  If you would like to see the Brackitz sets that Milo likes to play with, visit us at Brackitz.com.


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