Fun, STEAM-Inspired, Kid-Inventions-The Solar Powered Tent

The DIY Girls, a group of 12 students attending San Fernando Senior High School in Los Angeles, came together to design a tent that makes a real difference. Their solar powered tent can charge electronic devices like phones and computers, provide a light source, and even sanitize itself. Intended to support the homeless and those displaced by disasters, the tent was created using a $10,000 grant from MIT. Not only did these girls use their #CreativePower to solve a problem (problem-based learning), they had to use spacial skill that are learned by playing with open-ended toys like Brackitz.


Kids have been using science, technology, art, engineering, and math (STEAM) to come up with all kinds of ideas for centuries. Benjamin Franklin designed the first swimming flippers when he was just a lad of 11. Another 11-year-old, Frank Epperson, blended soda powder and water and froze it to create the very first Popsicle. Fifteen-year-old Louis Braille invented the Braille reading system. And a 16-year-old with a spring in his step is responsible for the trampoline. Next time your little one presents you with an idea you might want to take a second look!

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