Learning through Play

“Mom!  Dad! I’m bored!”  Sound familiar?


When kids get out of school for the summer, they are often left with a lot of free time on their hands.  And guess whose problem that is? Well, they think it’s yours. So, how about giving them something to do that is not only entertaining but also educational!  

Brackitz building toys are a fantastic weapon in the battle against boredom! Brackitz engineering toys encourage creative, open-ended play, that can provide your kids with hours of unstructured fun.  Brackitz educational toys for kids connect at any point and at any angle, so that your kids can design any structure they can imagine! How about a car? How about a robot? How about a pulley system to lift other toys and carry them across the room?!  The options are endless!  


Our recent blog post cites imagination and creativity, problem solving, and self-expression as skills that can all be improved through block and building play.  Kids really do love to learn; they just want to have fun while they’re doing it. And, just because school is out doesn’t mean the learning has to stop.  

Check out our Instagram page (and don't forget to follow us ;) for some examples of what our Brackitz boys and girls have created! You might be a little tempted to join in on the fun yourself!  Check out this article as well from NAEYC on “10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play.” 

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