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5 Wonderful Ways Building Toys Develop Motor Skills and More

Kid’s minds are expanding by leaps and bounds in the early years and building toys like Brackitz introduce and practice a laundry list of science and engineering, math, language arts, and social emotional skills, as well as providing a unique outlet for creativity and imagination. And, according to teachers and other education experts like Scholastic, “the best way to engage kids’ brains is by having them move their hands.” Read on to learn how the kinesthetic learning environment created by STEM building toys like Brackitz develops key physical skills, while building kids’ brains!

  • 1.Strength – Constructing with larger-scale pieces like Brackitz forces children to get up and move their bodies, picking up planks and transporting them to different areas of their builds, holding them high as they insert the connectors, squatting and balancing to attach lower planks. Brackitz’ unique connector system also enables kids to pick up and move their large-scale structures, requiring both strength and coordination.
  • 2.Hand-Eye Coordination – Choosing a plank, picking it up, and placing it just where it goes requires hand-eye coordination. As children select and place their pieces, they’re training their brains – and their bodies! Encourage beginning builders to start with simple structures as they hone this crucial developmental skill – clickfor some fun and easy ideas.
  • 3.Visual Perception – In their book, Block Play: The Complete Guide to Learning and Playing with Blocks,Sharon MacDonald andKatheryn Davis include visual perception as a small motor development benefitof constructing with educational construction toys like Brackiz. Visualperception is the process of absorbing and interpreting our environment.Building toys scale that environment down to a manageable scope, allowing kidsto work with a smaller, controlled environment.


  • 4.Physical Dexterity – According to a study conducted by the California State University at Fullerton, “Fingers need to work carefully to balance small objects on top of each other” during block play. Brackitz takes this fine motor workout a step further, with our connectors. Each time a child picks up a Brackitz plank, places it where he’d like it to go, and attaches it to a connector, he’s increasing his physical dexterity and fine motor skills dramatically.

  • 5. Kinesthetic Learning – Kids (and adults!) who prefer to solve problems physically – get in there and figure it out! – are kinesthetic learners. Most children are kinesthetic learners, and, according to, open-ended toys like blocks and cubes are ideal, hands-on learning tools for kids who learn best by doing.

    In this age of electronic entertainment, open-ended, physical toys that encourage kids to get up and move their bodies are more important than ever. It’s time to put down the iPad and pick up the Brackitz!

Brackitz is the only construction toy that lets kids design any structure they can imagine - anything. Our unique, connect-anywhere brackitz enables kids to create large scale, portable, 3-D structures – with no instructions or limitations – all while learning real-life math, science, engineering, architecture – and art! – skills.

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