Slip Some STEM into Your Summer – at STEM Camp!

With kids losing up to 3 months’ worth of academics over the summer, many parents are scrambling to find lessons and activities that keep their kids’ brains engaged, protect existing knowledge, and inspire new interests over the break.
This may feel like a tall order, but not to worry. It’s STEM to the rescue! Schools are placing a heavier emphasis than ever on science, technology, engineering, and math, and STEM is a super place to focus your kids’ energies this summer. Plus, STEM learning is fun, hands-on, and super engaging. (To learn more about STEM, visit our blog.)

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As STEM continues to grow in popularity, it’s fairly simple to find information about easy, at-home STEM projects and activities, like building with Brackitz engineering toys. A simple Google search for ‘STEM activities’ results in fun ideas like the 50 Genius Stem Activities for Kids article from The Stem Laboratory and 28 Days of Hands-On STEM Activities for Kids from Left Brain Craft Brain. You can even incorporate art into your at-home STEM fun (turning STEM into STEAM) with creative ideas like the 25 STEAM Projects for Kids on Babble, Dabble, Do. Pinterest also has a plethora of STEM activities ideas, many with step-by-step instructions and photos.
It’s also likely that schools and camps are offering STEM-focused summer programs in your area. These camps may include activities like:
·        Building challenges using engineering toys like Brackitz
·        Programming robots
·        Coding computer games
·        Filming and editing movies
·        Conducting cool science experiments
·        Making amazing art projects
·        And more
 Little boy with glasses looking at the camera with a book in his hadn't
In other words, your kids will love STEM camp! Finding a STEM program near you should be fairly simple. You might start by asking your child’s school if they’re hosting a STEM camp or are aware of any programs in your area or checking the local college or junior college for programs. Your parks and rec flyer may list STEM camps. Or hit Google and type in ‘STEM camps in YOUR CITY NAME’ – you’ll be surprised how many centers, camps, and programs you’ll find. You can also visit and type your city and state into their STEM program finder for a full list of STEM programs near you or click on your state at the STEM School locator for a similar list. 
At Brackitz, we believe in the power of STEM to transform and inspire your minds. In fact, the sooner you get your kids immersed in science, technology, engineering, and math, the better! So what are you waiting for? Sign your kiddos up for STEM camp today!

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