Super STEM Activities for Spring Break

Spring break is nigh, and if you’d rather see your kids spending their days building, creating, and constructing than buried nose-deep in an electronic screen for hours on end, you’ve come to the right place. The brain-building experts at Brackitz have compiled five super-fun STEM activities sure to thrill your kiddos and sharpen their smarts, like:

 Science Scavenger Hunts

Create a list of items likely to be found in your climate and send your kids out back or around the block to find them. Little kids can look for a spider web, an ant, a butterfly, a rock, a pine cone… you get the idea. Challenge older kids to find something with eight legs, something that transforms into something else, something that came from a tree or grows from the ground. Kids can check off each item as they find it – and even draw it in a science journal to add a bit of STEAM to their STEM learning.

Picture of a black, yellow, and white caterpillar on a branch.

Building with Brackitz

Building with engineering sets like Brackitz practices early math and science skills, grows academic vocabulary, and requires cooperation and teamwork, But, best of all, with no instructions or directions to follow, Brackitz building sets develop creativity and imagination. Build something incredible all in one day or work all week to design a structural masterpiece. With Brackitz unique connect-anywhere system, you can even move your build from room to room to accommodate those spring break sleepovers and family movie nights. 

A picture of a Brackitz scooter on a white background.

Cooking Up Some Fun

Measuring, mixing, simmering, and baking are all wonderful ways to sneak some math skills into your spring break. Plus, the kitchen is a great place to get your kids talking in a low-stress environment. So dig up that old family recipe or whip up a batch of Tollhouse cookies – together.

Raw cookie chocolate chip dough in a mixing bowl.  Yum!


Piecing a Puzzle

Puzzles are the perfect quiet time activity and they build concentration, focus, fine motor, and spatial reasoning skills. Set up a card table in a spot where it can remain untouched all week, then put out a brand-new puzzle or purchase two of the same puzzles and challenge your kids to a puzzle race!

Puzzle Table


Blowing Bubbles

Talk about cool chemistry! Bubbles can be truly amazing – and you can make your own bubble solution at home! Our friends at even have a recipe for bouncing bubbles. You’ll blend gelatin, glycerine, dish liquid, and water to make a batch, then use a homemade bubble wand (looped wire coat hanger or plastic straw) to make some bubble magic.

Brackitz engineering toys are the only construction toys that lets kids design any structure they can imagine - anything.  Our unique, connect-anywhere brackitz enables kids to create large scale, portable, 3-D structures – with no instructions or limitations – all while learning real-life math, science, engineering, and architecture skills.  

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