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If your family loves building with engineering toys like Brackitz, odds are you’re also interested in how things work. Simple machines are a great place to start! Brackitz Pulleys are the perfect way to bring STEM learning and simple machines to your living room.


Along with the lever and the inclined plane, the pulley is one of the simplest machines around. Wrap a rope, belt, or chain around a wheel, attach one end to an object you want to move and pull on the other end. The force you exert moves the object in the opposite direction of your energy. For example, if you pull the rope down, the object moves up.

Pulleys are super simple. In fact, they’re one of the first tools our ancient ancestors used. But even in this age of advanced technology, pulleys are still used to move all kinds of objects in our every day lives. Pulleys hoist buckets up and down in a well. Pulleys move elevators up and down in a shaft. Pulleys also open and close the curtains at the movie theater and maybe even on your windows at home.


Demonstrating a pulley is simple and fun and a pulley station makes the perfect addition to your at-home maker’s space! Brackitz Pulley Set provides all the equipment you will need to bring pulley systems to your curious children.

There are five different types of pulleys. Pulleys are a handy tool because they split the weight of the object you’re lifting across both sides of the line you’re using. They also make it easier to lift heavy objects because you get to pull down, rather than push up. In fact, pulleys are so effective that, using a series of pulleys, a single person can actually lift an actual car, all by themselves!

Engage your child’s curiosity, with building toys like Brackitz. 

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