Ways to Encourage Creativity This Summer

Creativity has multiple benefits for kids! Children can create toys when they can’t afford to buy them. They can invent worlds that where only they can go. And they can learn to have fun no matter where they are. Not to mention that creativity will help them in their future careers!

Here are some ideas for encouraging creativity in your children this summer!

Unstructured Craft Items

Cardboard boxes, markers, crayons, paint, construction paper, tape, scissors, glue, and felt.  Unstructured craft items nurture originality and resourcefulness so that children can create unique works of art.

Natural Objects

Sticks, grass, rocks, and water.  Have a contest in the backyard to see who can make the most durable “hut” for a stuffed animal or favorite figurine.

boy-child-childhood-6459-369287-editedCreative Classes

Sign your child up for a creative class, like scrapbooking or cooking.  They will learn useful skills and possibly meet new friends who share their interests!

Cooking Games

A fun summer idea for older children is to copy favorite television cooking shows.  Choose random ingredients from your fridge and pantry and let your kids make a meal out of them.  Their creations could result in very (ahem) exciting meals, but could also inspire blossoming chefs!

Writing Prompts 

Supply children with story starters and let them take it from there.  The results can be pretty hilarious, and your kids may create some very imaginative storylines!Apr17-339772-edited

Open Ended Toys

Brackitz engineering and STEM toys , log building sets, construction bricks, playdough, and sand.  All of these items foster imagination and ingenuity, and enable children to build items that are unique to them.

Need some more inspiration?  Check out this article from Parents about more ways to encourage creativity this summer!

Have some creative ideas of how to encourage creativity this summer?  Post a comment below!


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